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Riversdale OOM2020

Dylan Melville and Ian Barnard finished tied one -under. Dylan won in the play-off.

MosselBay Junior Open ADiv

Ulrich Steinhobel won the A division

MosselBay Junior Open u13

Ryan Melville won the u13 division

2019Knysna OOM U19winner

U19 winner Christo Lamprecht

2019Knysna OOM U13 winners

U13 winners Jonathan Ackerman and Ryan Melville


3rd place Southern Cape B


Winners Southern Cape A

IMG 20190915 140446 resized 20190916 114924013Kyle Conradie winner of the u19 division 

IMG 20190915 140249 resized 20190916 115016653Jonathan Ackerman winner of the u13 division

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