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Report on Disabled Golf for February 2019

Just a short descriptive report on the month of February regarding the disabled golf.

I did one swing lesson with Morne Els and also did a 9 hole playing lesson to prepare him for the Interprovincial challenge that’s taking place early March 2019.

I happy to report that Morne has improved a lot in his consistency with his irons and also his driver.

I encouraged him to stay more behind his shots during the swing not forcing to come across or over the ball causing hooks or fade shape shots to his driver.

As far as the nine hole playing lesson goes I’m very impressed with the way he chip and putted and I can see he has been giving attention to this department.

DG Feb2019A

Morne Els During our 9 hole Playing Lesson.

With the Carpe Diem School we had the Privilege to attend the Di data at Fancourt on the First round. The kids enjoyed the environment and was really impressed with how far the guys can hit the ball. I also made them aware of how good their shortgame and putting is . They really could see the touch of the players around the green.


DG Feb2019B
DG Feb2019C
DG Feb2019D
DG Feb2019E
Look at the good position Olotando Songqnegqe get the club in!! He hits it well
over 80 metres .

Talk Soon and thank you for the Unions Continued Support

Kind Regards

Carlo Kok

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