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With the Carpe Diem kids we did a few sessions at the school as well as 1 session at Kingswood and then also a Holiday program where I took them to the mashie course at Glenwood short course.

At the Carpe Diem School we had a very competitive few sessions as I did  a putting tournament at the School Putt putt Course with both groups .

DG June A

In the picture above the following kids had an competitive Putting compititon : from left : Dante October ,Keanu Harmse , Simpiwe Solani ,Sue Ellen Salomons , Lucreatia  and Aubrey .

DG June B

At Kingswood Golf Estate ; Ricardu De Wet , Reano Lamners,Cleo Mentoor, Mcneil Benson


DG June C

Dillian Van Hansen at Glenwood Mashie Course


With Morne Els  I had a swing session on the driving range and we had a very good lesson.  He was overswinging  a bit (right hand holding holding club and not letting go ) and also struggling to turn into a good position on the backswing.  This was causing him to fade the ball and be very steep coming down into the impact area.  We made a few changes and did a drill or two with him and the ball flight improved towards the end of our lesson.

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